Eyelash Extension Designs

To achieve highest standards of customer satisfaction, Holy Lashes swears by the following core values:

We search for the highest quality products in the market and our glue is long-lasting to ensure that your eyelash extensions will last the full cycle of your natural lashes.
We specialise in eyelash extensions to deliver fast and better results.
Semi-permanent eyelash extension are applied individually, one lash at a time. There are never any clumps with our eyelash extensions.
Our team is friendly and flexible, we are will personalise each set of eye lashes extension to give you the perfect look.

Keep them guessing with the Classic set

Classic eyelash extension

This design is perfect for ladies who love the subtle, but yet still luscious looking. Effortlessly natural looking beauty that will keep them guessing. More length and volume, just like you’ve always got mascara on.

Price: $99


Angel Wing, the name says it all, Flirty, Sexy with the wing effect

Angel Wing eyelash extension

Want something a little different in your look? Add some edge to your lashes with this naughty little set. Guaranteed fullness with longer lashes on the end will open up your eyes to the world.

Price: $130

Give your lash the WOW factor with our Glama eyelash extension design

Glamor eyelash extension

Need a boost in your confidence? This Glama set is most suitable for ladies who want a little more than just a natural look. Longer, thicker and fuller lashes is what this Glama is all about. If you love to glam it up and show it all off, this is the set for you.

Price: $160


He will worship you with the Goddess look

Goddess eyelash extension

Want even MORE volume, thickness and length? This design will defnitely make you feel like a goddess, our angels will create a personlised set using diffent lengths and thickness especially suitable to your own lashes. This look is recomended for ladies who love extreme fullness and have the confidence to show it off.

Price: $220


Eyelash extensions will thin out due to the natural lashes growth cycle, just like our hair.
A refill is recommended between 2-3 weeks to keep them looking nice and full.
But if you’re a good little angel, your eyelash extensions can last up to 4 week before you need a touch up.

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The dangers of eyelash extension-don’t be a victim of eye lash extension, it could cost you more that just moneyEyelash extensions are wonderfully amazing and any lady who has them on will tell you that. While they are the latest beauty craze in the world of beauty – there are many pre cautions and facts you should be aware of. Eyelash extension are perfectly safe if the procedure has been done correctly by a qualified and experienced “eyelash artist”.

Incorrect application and procedures can lead to severe eye irritation and discomfort. When individual eyelash extensions are applied to more than one natural hair, it clumps together several hairs and that causes the discomfort and irritation. Therefore, you are more susceptible to rub your eyes and most likely pull out a chunk of your eyelash extensions along with natural hairs. Another factor of incorrect application can be having an excess amount of glue applied onto the skin of your eye, affecting the mucus membrane of your hair follicle. This cause blockage for your nautural hair to free grow and disturbs the natural growth cycle.

In more extreme cases, the mixture of both irritation and and excess glue used it can cause swelling and lead to eye infections. Severe damage to the hair follicle cause your natural hairs to be permanently damaged and grow back crooked or shorter than usual. Once your eyes have been irritated, immediate removal is recomennded to give your eyes time to heal and the care it needs to prevent any permanent damage. The more you rub, touch or play with a bad set of lash extensions, the more infected and swollen your eyes may become.

However, having a set of eyelash extension applied CORRECTLY by a trained, qualified and experienced artist will ensure you that you are taking care of the health of your eyelashes while maintaining to have beautiful gorgeous lashes. A lash expert will know exactly how to work with every different set of eyes, eyelash hairs to prevent any harm that can happen. A good set ofeyelash extensions are pain-free, lightweight and you won’t be able to feel them on at all. Going to an experienced and knowledged filled salon will give you peace of mind that they provide all aftercare instructions, educate you about safe removal and any other doubts you might have about eyelash extensions!

You might question why some salons may charge such a fee, but a cheap bad set of lashes can set you back more than just money! Are you willing to risk it?


Before & After

Claire Clarke with Holy Lashes Angel Wing eyelash extension DesignClaire Clarke with Holy Lashes Glama eyelash extension DesignBefore and after eyelash extensionAfter eyelash extensionAfter eyelash extension

“The Angels at Holy Lashes will guide and pamper you so you’ll leave looking and felling like a Goddess”